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17.06.13 17:55

PhD Intervision Workshop at the University of Cagliari

The PhD Intervision Workshop at the University of Cagliari took place in June 2013 providing an excellent opportunity for the EXACT Fellows to discuss draft chapters of their PhD dissertation and analyse theoretical,...[more]

16.04.13 10:27

Niklas Helwig publishes article in European Foreign Affairs Review

"EU Foreign Policy and the High Representative's Capability-Expectations Gap - a question of Political Will"  appears in European Foreign Affairs Review, Volume 18, Issue 2 and is available for download here. [more]

10.04.13 10:11

Marlene Gottwald gave a presentation at a workshop organised by Chatham House and FRIDE

Marlene Gottwald gave a presentation on "A human security perspective on the future of Europe" at a workshop on "The changing nature of human security" organised by the Chatham House and FRIDE in Brussels...[more]

09.04.13 10:46

Marco Siddi is presenting a paper on "An issue of identity? Poland's foreign policy toward Russia'.

Marco Siddi is presenting a paper on "An issue of identity? Poland's foreign policy toward Russia' at the congress of the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies (BASEES) / International Council for...[more]

04.04.13 14:09

Miguel Haubrich Seco is presenting at the ISA Annual Convention.

Miguel Haubrich Seco is presenting a paper on "Tracing the impact of EU promotion of regional integration and cooperation in Mercosur and the Western Balkans" at the ISA Annual Convention "The Politics of...[more]

28.03.13 10:11

Andrew Byrne publishes new Working Paper on Transatlantic Relations as part of the "Transworld" FP7 Project

Andrew Byrne published new Work Paper: "Conflicting Visions: Liberal and Realist Conceptualisations of Transatlantic Alignment" Transworld Working Paper No. 12, Istituto Affari Internazionali, March 25, 2013. [more]

28.03.13 09:53

New Report "The Maritime Dimension of CSDP: Geostrategic Maritime Challenges and their Implications for the European Union", co-authored by Andreas Raspotnik

Together with researchers from the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA) and the Swedish Institute of International Affairs

(SIIA) Andreas Raspotnik co-authored the report "The Maritime Dimension of CSDP:...[more]

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