Andreas Raspotnik


Research interests:

  • The European Union and the Arctic
  • International (Environmental) Law and its Arctic relevance
  • Arctic Geopolitics
    • Shipping
    • Hydrocarbon Resource development
    • Fishing
  • The European Union and its Energy Security Policy

I graduated with both an Austrian Magister in Political Science and a BA in History from the University of Vienna in 2009 and 2010 respectively, focusing my research related work on the Northern European hemisphere. This focus led to my master thesis in Political Science entitled "The Norwegian Security Policy in the High North: Energy resources and the Norwegian rationale in their High North Policy." The thesis attempted to explain the Norwegian rationale in a future European energy province.

Based on my academic and professional interest in the Arctic area, I attended the one-year postgraduate master program "Master of Laws in Law of the Sea" at the University of Tromsø and obtained my LL.M degree in September 2011. The LL.M program provided not only for a general introduction to the Law of the Sea but featured a distinct Arctic dimension, due to the geographical location of Tromsø. My thesis focused on the Canadian approach to Arctic environmental proctection and was entitled: "Unilateral Pollution Control in the Arctic - Canada's NORDREG regulations in the context of UNCLOS, Article 234".

During my years in Vienna, I worked as an Editorial Assistant at the Department for International News at the Austrian Broadcasting Cooperation and interned at the Austrian Embassy in Berlin. After graduation from the University of Vienna, I also worked for the Austrian MEP Martin Ehrenhauser at the European Parliament.

My research interests include the role of the European Union in the Arctic region, the interrelation of security and energy policy, the law of the sea and Norway as an Arctic actor.

EXACT stages
October 2011 - March 2012 University of Cologne
April 2012 - September 2012 Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA), Brussels
October 2012 - September 2013 University of Cologne
PhD research project

The European Union and its Arctic endeavour. EU-Arctic policy-making from a critical geopolitical perspective

Supervisor: Prof. Wolfgang Wessels (University of Cologne)

Co-Supervisor: Dr. Pontus Odmalm (University of Edinburgh)

My PhD project analyzes the European Union’s regional interest in its northern neighbourhood, the Arctic region. In that regard my dissertation focuses on the EU’s Arctic policy-making using the particular theoretical concept of critical geopolitics in order to not only explain Arctic geopolitics as such but essentially the EUropean framing of Arctic space, the consequent building of a related policy tool-kit and related repercussions on the EU as a geo-political subject in-the-making.

EXACT Final Conference Poster Award Winner

Publications and conference contributions

Published at The Arctic Institute:

The Myth of Arctic Shipping - Why the Northern Sea Route is Still of Limited Geo-Economic Importance (September 8, 2013, co-authored with Kathrin Keil)

Further steps towards a comprehensive EU Arctic Policy: is the EU getting there? (July 5, 2012, co-authored with Kathrin Keil)

A report from the 3rd Annual GeoNor Conference: does the EU need an Arctic strategy (June 7, 2012, co-authored with Kathrin Keil and Andreas Østhagen)

No race for Arctic hydrocarbon resources? A possible scenario for an unclear development (February 21, 2012); Reprinted: Petroleum News, Vol. 19, No. 9 (Week of February 26, 2012)

Arctic Frontiers 2012: Reports from Tromsø (February 14, 2012, co-authored with Kathrin Keil)

Positive Unilateralism? An effective strategy to protect the Canadian Arctic environment or a subtle approach to establish sovereignty? (December 23, 2011)

Is the European Union missing another window of opportunity for Arctic energy resources? (December 5, 2011)



The Maritime Dimension of CSDP: Geostrategic Maritime Challenges and their Implications for the European Union, Study for the European Parliament's Subcommittee on Security and Defence (SEDE), EP/EXPO/B/SEDE/FWC/2009-01/Lot6/21, January 2013, co-authored with Timo Behr, Erik Brattberg, Jyrki Kallio, Mika Aaltola, Charly Salonius-Pasternak and Maija Salonen.
Responsible for section 4.3 The Northern Corridor and 9 Annex

The EU as a Shipping Actor in the Arctic, SWP (Stiftung für Wissenschaft und Politik, Berlin) Working Paper FG2, 2012/Nr.4, December 2012, co-authored with Bettina Rudloff

The future of Arctic Shipping Along the Transpolar Sea Route, in: Heininen, Lassi (Ed.) Arctic Yearbook 2012. Akureyri, Iceland: Northern Research Forum. Available from, co-authored with Malte Humpert

From 'Great Wall' to 'Great White North': Explaining China's politics in the Arctic, Long Post European Geostrategy (edited by James Rogers and Luis Simón), August 17, 2012, co-authored with Malte Humpert

The future of Arctic Shipping, Port Technology International, Fifty-Fifth Edition, Summer 2012, p.10-11, co-authored with Malte Humpert (Reprinted: The Arctic Institute, October 11, 2012)



Arctic role, The Parliament Magazine, Issue 347, 30 April 2012, p. 35, co-authored with Steffen Weber

Norway's Energy Resource Policy and the Future of Bilateral Cooperation in the Barents Sea (Top of the World Telegraph, Vol. 8, Issue 12, March 2012; Institute of the North, Anchorage, Alaska; co-authored with Malte Humpert) (Reprinted: The Arctic Institute, April 3, 2012)


Conference and Workshop Participation:

Arctic NGO Forum Workshop#1, Haparanda (Sweden), November 12-13, 2012: Arctic Oil and Gas Development - Challenges and Prospects

  • Discussant in Session 2 on EU Arctic policy and oil and gas

3rd Annual Geopolitics in the High North Conference, Berlin (Germany) at Stiftung für Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP), May 22-25, 2012: The EU as an Arctic Actor? Interests and Governance Challenges

  • Discussant in Session 5 on Arctic Transport and Shipping
  • Paper presented: "The future of Arctic shipping along the Transpolar Sea Route (TSR)"
  • Conference Report published at The Arctic Institute

Calotte Academy 2012, Travel Symposium in Rovaniemi and Inari (Finland), Kiruna and Abisko (Sweden) and Tromsø (Norway), May 28 - June 4, 2012

  • Paper presented: "The future of Arctic shipping along the Transpolar Sea Route (TSR)"



The issue of solidarity in the European Union, TEPSA Policy Brief (co-authored with Marine Jacob and Laura Ventura)
A longer Discussion Paper from TEPSA's Pre-Presidency Conference, June 14-15, 2012 can be found here



University of Cologne, Tutorial Introduction into European Politics: The Political System of the European Union (Summer Term 2013), with EXACT Fellow James Nyomakwa-Obimpeh

University of Cologne, Seminar on The European Union as a Global Actor (Winter Term 2012/2013), with EXACT Fellows Leonhard den Hertog and Peter Valant


Analyst at The Arctic Institute, Center for Circumpolar Security Studies

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