Training Phase III - Academic Training & Finishing PhD. Thesis

Phase III (April 2012 - September 2013) focuses on local Ph.D. training at one University involved and shall provide the framework for finalising the individual research projects, leading to a joint Ph.D. degree from two of the three Universities involved (Prague-Cologne, Edinburgh-Cologne).


04/2012 Start of Training Phase III

06/2012 TEPSA pre-presidency conference in Nikosia

06/2012 Combined expertise: EXACT meets INCOOP in Brussels

09/2012 Network Seminar on Academic Skills

11/2012 PhD Progress Workshop in Dublin

11/2012 TEPSA pre-presidency conference in Dublin

04/2013 PhD Intervision Workshop in Edinburgh

06/2013 PhD Intervision Workshop at the University of Cagliari 

06/2013 TEPSA pre-presidency conference in Vilnius

07/2013 EXACT Final Conference

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