Combined expertise: EXACT meets INCOOP

On Tuesday the 26th of June 2012 several EXACT research fellows met their intellectual counterparts of the multi-disciplinary Initial Training Network on Inter-institutional Cooperation in the EU (INCOOP) at Maastricht University’s Campus in Brussels.

The doctoral and post-doctoral INCOOP research fellows examine different dimensions of inter-level, intra- and inter-institutional cooperation in the European Union. Similar to EXACT, the INCOOP researchers are spread over Europe, making use of the opportunities a Marie Curie fellowship provides. Organised by Jan Frederik Braun (INCOOP) and Leonhard den Hertog (EXACT), the meeting served to exchange our professional and academic experiences during the respective projects, scrutinise our efforts and achievements and discuss potential fields of cooperation. Although both projects are different in their structure, which comes with several advantages and disadvantages, best practices were exchanged and participants agreed that both of the projects provide for excellent opportunities and they expressed clear interest to further collaborate on a professional and academic level.

The participating EXACT Research Fellows would like to thank co-organiser Jan Frederik Braun for the efforts and the successful event.

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