EXACT at the TEPSA PPC in Budapest

December 02./03. 2010
Institute for World Economics - Budapest

The EXACT fellows participated in the Hungarian TEPSA pre-presidency conference in Budapest, organised by the Hungarian Institute for World Economics (IWE) in collaboration with TEPSA and THESEUS, took place at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. It took place in Budapest on 2-3 December 2010.

The conference focused on the new challenges and priorities for the EU during the upcoming Hungarian Council presidency. Director of COREPER I Affairs Gábor Baranyai (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hungary) presented the priorities of the Hungarian presidency in his keynote speech. Spanish ambassador to Hungary D. Enrique Pastor de Gana stressed the achievements of the previous Spanish presidency in tackling the financial crisis at EU level and applying the provisions of the Lisbon Treaty.

The two-day TEPSA Pre-presidency Conference drew to the end with the closing plenary session on Friday 3 December. This session began with brief reports from the various workshops. After the workshop reports, Andras Inotai of Institute of World Economics was given the floor to present his concluding remarks.

The Conference was split into seven workshops:

  1. One year after the Lisbon Treaty: evaluation of its institutional innovations
  2. European economic governance: crisis management and the future of the eurozone
  3. Widening: further enlargement of the EU and Eastern Partnership
  4. EU sustainable competitive challenges: the EU 2020 Strategy
  5. Money matters: the upcoming financial perspective of the EU
  6. A new approach to regionalism: the European Danube Strategy
  7. Citizens’ Europe: developments in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice

The full conference report can be found below.



TEPSA pre-presidency conference report

TEPSA report (drafted by the EXACT fellows)

also included in the TEPSA Newsletter December 2010.

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